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Tim Cooney has been a 1031 exchange specialist for over 25 years! He is currently the managing broker for Exit Realty Home & Ranch in Durango, Colorado and has been a realtor for 40 years and an accountant for 47 years. Tim travels nationwide to educate other real estate professionals about 1031 tax deferred real estate exchanges and his experience and expertise provide his clients with unique perspectives and advantages when it comes to selling profitably and investing wisely.


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Would you like to unlock the equity in your appreciated real estate and not pay capital gains taxes?

Do you have investment real estate that you have owned long enough to build up equity? Would you like to put that equity to work but don’t want to pay capital gains taxes? Did you know that there is a to sell your property and not pay any capital gains taxes? The way to do this is through a 1031 Exchange…

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