Would you like to unlock the equity in your appreciated real estate and not pay capital gains taxes?

Do you have investment real estate that you have owned long enough to build up equity? Would you like to put that equity to work but don’t want to pay capital gains taxes? Did you know that there is a to sell your property and not pay any capital gains taxes? The way to do this is through a 1031 Exchange which can provide you with some or all the following benefits.

  • Exchange into a higher value property with potentially more cash flow
  • Defer all capital gains and pay NO taxes
  • Provide additional benefits for your estate through stepped-up basis
  • Smart wealth preservation strategy
  • Property diversification: 1 to many – to 1
  • Geographic diversification
  • Diversify for tax, financial, and estates planning
  • NO Property management
  • Take advantage of leverage
  • Be a seller in a seller’s market and a buyer in a buyer’s market (geographically specific)
  • Potentially improve depreciation benefits

Proven Experience

40 Years of Real estate expertise at your service.

Knowledge, Not Sales Pitches

We provide the information you need to make informed decisions.

Relationships Focused

1031 Real Estate Exchange Specialist is with you over the life of each of your investments.

Dedicated Team

Personalized care from an experienced team of professional you can trust.

Why Choose 1031 Real Estate Exchange Specialist Company?

Your Qualified Intermediary should handle your exchange funds with a sense of care and trust, offering financial strength, experience, and nationwide service, along with solid credentials in facilitating tax deferred exchanges.  We are not asking you to trust us without reason – here are several reasons why you can rest assured that you will make the decision in trusting 1031 Real Estate Exchange Specialist Company.

Our exchange funds are strictly deposited with FDIC insured intuitions with investment grade ratings (or which are subsidiaries of investment grade institutions). 1031 Real Estate Exchange Specialist team closely monitors the financial stability of these institutions. We do not invest any exchange funds in any securities.

Exchange funds are held in segregated bank deposit accounts designated with the taxpayer’s name and tax identification number.

Would you like to unlock the equity in your appreciated real estate and not pay capital gains taxes?

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